Volkswagen Toureg R Hybrid

Volkswagen has introduced high-performance R variant of the Touareg SUV to the European buyers. With a plug-in-hybrid powertrain producing a total of 340KW, the Touareg R looks the part thanks to a sharp exterior treatment with black trim and 20-inch wheels, even if it isn’t quite on the same performance level as the Golf R hot hatch.


Powering the Touareg R is 250KW turbocharged 3.0 liter petrol V6 that pairs with a 99KW electric motor. An eight-speed automatic transmission is on hand, as is all-wheel drive, and VW claims that the car can go up to 140Kmh in electric mode. There’s no estimate for all-electric driving range available yet, but the battery pack measures 14.1 kWh.


This current generation Touareg body style looks particularly good in this bright-blue exterior colour, and the interior appears particularly luxurious, too, with its large display screens, black leather upholstery, and blue stitching. This will be an expensive vee dub to own.

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