Renault Morphos. A Carriage for Tomorrow People

Lots of cars claim to do it all, but this new electric crossover truly is two vehicles in one.

Renault announced on March 2 that the Concept has some neat party tricks, even if it isn’t destined for production. Like “Transformers” but less cool, the Morphoz stretches for longer voyages and shrinks for quick trips around town.

In city mode, when compact size takes priority over long range, the Morphoz assumes a smaller footprint and can travel a claimed  400Km on a charge. Renault claims this should suffice for 90% of the driving people do.

The Morphoz offers a travel mode when drivers need more range and cargo room. With it, the Morphoz expands to make room for extra luggage and a battery pack, which ups range to an estimated 700Km.

The Morphoz is just a concept car, so it’s unlikely anything resembling it will head to market soon. But it’s proof that carmakers can — and should — take advantage of the flexibility of electric powertrains to build exceedingly practical, modular vehicles.

Groupe Renault



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