Audi Quattro Concept. A Monster Audi Should Make

Painted in a bright canary yellow shade, the concept car from Audi is a hybrid coupe. With imposing headlamps and an unmistakeable front grille, this is definitely the car to be noticed in. Audi wanted to produce the car in limited numbers at first to test viability. It was not necessarily cheaper than the R8 because of the hybrid coupe body features.


The powerhouse engine is a 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine that has 700 horsepower and plenty of torque to satisfy the driver. From the launch pad interior of the car, the concept car can go from – 100Kmh in 3.7 seconds. With devastatingly fierce numbers like this, this is a car that was to go the extra mile for its drivers. The top speed was to be crowned at 300Kmh.

The Audi Sport Quattro car was being targeted to enthusiasts of the marque but it is also meant to appeal to drivers who have never bought an Audi before but are looking for something fast and sleek to add to their garage. The frame and styling of this Audi was going to appeal to both markets.


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