Audi RS Q8 Tows McLaren 720S to the Track, Drag Races It After

Why would you buy a performance SUV to go drag racing when a supercar is lighter and usually more powerful? Well, this Audi RS Q8 provides a possible response as it tows the supercar to the drag strip. The towing capacity of a sporty German 4×4 is not often examined. We just leave it to the bakkies (trucks) to do all the heavy pulling of boats, horseboxes, and such. But apparently, the Audi RS Q8 can do this stuff too, having an official rating of 3500kg (7,700lbs).

Supercar spotter Gumbal filmed this blue RS Q8 arriving at the drag strip while pulling a Mclaren 720S right behind it. After the British supercar dismounts, the pair of Smurfs line up for a quick set of races.

Both vehicles pack twin-turbo V8 engines, but we can’t see how the Audi SUV can ever win this. It’s down 89kW (120 hp) on paper, and while AWD traction could be considered an advantage, there’s no way it can compensate for the extra body mass. Even though it leaves the blocks late in every match, the 720S can be seen with a commanding lead towards the end of the runway.