Land Rover Defender “Vesuvius Edition” Flaunts 22″ Forged Wheels, Orange Hood

Land Rover has surprised many people with the redesign of the Defender. Not only did the off-road sport utility vehicle switch from a ladder frame to unibody construction, but die-hard enthusiasts are feeling alienated by the luxed-up makeover.

I’m with the latter group, but at the same time, we should take into consideration that Land Rover has made the Defender plusher and more efficient to appeal to a wider audience and to prepare for ever-stringent emissions regulations. As a brief refresher, the European Union will enforce a fleet-wide average target of 95 grams of carbon dioxide from 2021. Norway has taken an even more draconic route for traditional automakers by completely banning the sale of fossil-fuel cars by 2025.

The Defender we’ll talk about today isn’t the P400 plug-in hybrid, though, but a less efficient model known as the P300. The 2.0-liter turbo is driving 22-inch forged wheels instead of the stock 18-inch steelies, and obviously, the Vesuvius Edition levels up on looks to the detriment of capability.

Kahn Automobiles has affixed a vented spoiler onto the front bumper, giving this fellow a different persona over the factory spec. The center section of the spoiler and the hood are painted in Vesuvius Orange, contrasting nicely with the gloss-black garnish and Santorini Black exterior. The rear bumper, front grille, and Chelsea Truck Co. spare wheel cover add to the visual drama.

This isn’t the Land Rover you’d take on the trail but a cool-looking SUV that would appeal to the younger demographic and customers that wouldn’t have considered a Defender in the first place. The interior of the unibody sport utility vehicle bears the marks of a special edition as well. Designied by Kahn perforated leather seats, Vesuvius leather for the armrests and transmission tunnel, a dashboard and a trunk plaque; these appointments make the already luxurious interior an even nicer place to be in.

What are your thoughts?