The Fiat 126 Vision Concept

While most of the world was caught in quarantine this year and many design projects were put on hold, some architectsand designers found new ways to channel their creativity.
Co-founder of an Italian design studio Ma-De Studio Andrea Della Vecchia is one of them. Passionate about cars as well as inspired by Tony Gaskins’ quote “If you don’t build your dream someone else will hire you to help build theirs,” the designer embarked on a special project. This all-electric FIAT 126 VISION concept is Andrea Della Vecchia’s first car design project. It re-interprets the hugely popular Fiat 126 model.

The international design studio, MA-DE, has brought FIAT’s classic 126 model into the 21st century with this all-electric concept dubbed the ‘fiat 126 vision’, this reinterpretation preserves the unmistakable shape of the original car but gives it a smooth, rounded update.

The Fiat 126 was first unveiled in 1972 at the turin auto show as a replacement for the fiat 500. the vehicle was a four-passenger, rear-engined city car. in production until 2000, it was one of FIAT’s most successful models with almost 4.7 million units being produced.
For this new concept, envisioned by Andrea della Vecchia of MA-DE studio, the 126 doesn’t lose any of it’s identity. the designer has instead retained the contours of the car and strengthened some unmistakable stylistic elements, such as the roof tapered at the rear and the squared headlights dominated by the character line that surrounds the vehicle.
Slightly curved and rounded forms give a more elegant touch to the classic body design. This electric 4-seater concept boasts a tapered roof toward the rear and squared headlights along with the distinctive contoured accent that travels around the body. Refreshingly modern yet still the same, this electric Fiat 126 looks ready to take on a road trip.