London Bridge is falling down (well almost) thanks to Ferrari 812 Superfast

Another day, another example of a beautiful and powerful supercar that deserved a better owner. Today, it’s a Ferrari 812 Superfast.

A video filmed on October 26 started making the rounds yesterday, after it was presumably posted to Instagram by the person who filmed it. That part alone is enough to have the man feel embarrassment and shame, since the video he posted showed him speeding – and crashing because of it.

That IG account is now set to private, but you know what they say: once something’s online, there is no way to take it back. As such, the video is spreading on social media and YouTube, drawing harsh criticism because of the reckless driving displayed in it. You can see it at the bottom of the page.

The man is seen pulling at an intersection ahead of Lambeth Bridge in Central London. As the light’s about to turn green, he seems to turn off traction control, which ultimately dooms his high-speed joyride. Once he goes up on the bridge, he floors it and almost immediately loses control of the car, which smashes on the side of the bridge, closely missing a passing cyclist.

The car in question was a Ferrari 812 Superfast, so yes, it’s a powerful car. Expensive too, with prices starting at $330,000. The video doesn’t show the damage to the car, but given the speed and the fact that airbags were deployed, it won’t be cheap to fix it. Plus, it’s a Ferrari, so even a small repair costs a lot (in normal-people money).

As it usually happens with these cases, commenters are quick to brand the driver an idiot: once for trying to show off when he clearly lacks the skill or talent for it, and secondly for doing it in an area where he could have easily hurt someone. In fact, it’s sheer luck that the poor cyclist escaped unharmed. And third, they’re coming for him because his first concern was to remove the camera he used to film himself.

For the record, the speed limit on the bridge is of 20 mph (32 kph). He was definitely doing more.

The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they’re investigating the crash. It’s a good thing the driver himself provided them with evidence of his speeding by posting the video online.