The Mercedes-AMG A45 S Gets Black Series Renderings

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S is the ultimate hot hatch. That’s not our opinion, it’s just facts. No matter how you look at it, you can only be impressed by what the company’s engineers have managed to turn Mercedes’ tiniest model into.

At 313kW (421 hp), the A45 S gets more power than 30-year-old supercars. That’s 16kW (21 hp) more than the Audi RS3 Sportback and 38kW (51 hp) more than the BMW M2. There’s also the M135i xDrive with its 228kW (306 hp), but that falls straight into the Mercedes-AMG A35’s territory.

It’s not just the power figure itself that’s impressive, but also where it comes from. While the Audi uses a five-cylinder turbocharged unit and the BMW adds one more banger, the AMG does it with just four. It also has the lowest displacement at 2.0-liters, with its rivals needing 2.5- and 3.0-liters respectively.

A lot was said about this great little engine and we wouldn’t be surprised to find out there was even more in stock. Well, it better be if the Black Series version imagined in these renderings were to join the real world because the aggressive looks would have to be backed by some serious performance too.

Black Series models from the people at AMG are known for their no-nonsense track-focused nature. Looking at this A45 S, it does its best to look the part. The hatchback body style has its limitations and will never be able to compete with something like a sports coupe in terms of racetrack cred but the package envisioned by Millergo (Guillermo Ábalos Ventoso) sure looks convincing.

The conversion consists of quite a few cosmetic changes. The most obvious ones are the lowered suspension and the wide body kit. The latter sees every piece of the vehicle’s body being modified apart from the four doors and the tailgate. Front and rear bumpers, side skirts, front and rear quarter panels, rear air diffuser, engine hood – they all get a more aggressive restyling.

Surprisingly enough, the rear wing remains pretty much unchanged despite the ridiculous spoilers some Black Series models have sported in the past. The look is rounded off by a set of beautiful ten-spoke wheels wrapped in thin but wide performance tires.

Would you care to venture some specs for this imaginary Merc? We’d guess somewhere well north of 335kW (450 hp) and zero to one hundred in just 3.5 secs (down from 3.9) thanks to a hefty weight drop. In other words, the ultimate version of the ultimate hot hatch.