Bentley Arnage “Monster Truck” Is Not Your Usual Lift Kit

Now that the Bentley Mulsanne has been retired with no successor in sight (the SUV market shift can’t be ignored), lavish motoring enthusiasts across the world are honoring the British limousine in their own ways. So, how about taking its predecessor, the Arnage, and turning it into an offroad monster?

In case you thought of wacky Russian builders when reading the intro, you were right. In fact, this build comes to us via AcademeG, the same label that introduced the world to a first-generation Bentley Continental GT tank impersonator last year.

Now, the specialists who worked on the project, namely Jagger Garage, know a thing or two about machines that can play the rugged terrain game. As such, this slice of Britain is now a body-on-frame contraption. A stainless steel frame was built to support the factory hardware, with this featuring a pair of massive side members and welded tube cross members.

The axles of the 4WD toy, which we’ve given the nickname shown in the title, come from the Nissan Patrol, so the driver can lock them when things get tricky; yes, even with the monstrous 42-inch tires, such a scenarios is possible given the long wheelbase and the limited steering angle.

And while this 1999 model left the factory with Bentley’s iconic twin-turbo 6.75-liter V8 (the motor was retired with the Mulsanne), the costs of fixing and maintaining the unit meant this had to be replaced with a Toyota 3UZ-FE. After all, we’re talking about a build that will be put to off-roading work on a regular basis, so the said aspects are important.

The 4.3-liter N/A V8 barely fits in the engine compartment due to the surprisingly limited space between the front strut towers, but it delivers a respectable 300 horsepower.

The lavish side of the sedan has been partially maintained, with examples including the quiet mode of the custom stainless steel exhaust, the lack of a snorkel, and the preservation of the small pedal on the left. However, instead of serving as a parking brake, it is now used for engaging low gear.

This Arnage now spends many of its days in the company of lifted Patrols and Land Cruisers. And, thanks to the crew over at OffroadSPB, which owns the unusual mechanical melange that is this Bentley, you can check out the saloon showcasing the luxurious side of muddy terrain tackling in the second clip below, the one on the right. Don’t forget to use the closed caption/automatic translation feature for both vids.