Ferrari F8 Tributo Gets The Novitec Treatment

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! Those were the ingredients that Professor Utonium used to create the Powerpuff Girls, in the animated TV Series bearing the same name. Well, we all know the ingredients Ferrari used to create its new F8 Tributo, but it seems like the people at Novitec wanted to really spice things up, and bring its own touch to a vehicle that was already spectacular to begin with.

While certain smaller tuning companies will go out of their way with flashy, sometimes non-sensical upgrades for certain vehicles, the people at Novitec have got a much smoother approach to things. There’s a certain minimalism to their creations that, to the untrained observer, might even feel like fairly standard, factory delivered upgrades. But for those with a keen sense for all things automotive, every single small detail on the car will be real eye-candy.

The F8 Tributo is already a formidable machine to begin with, no petrolhead will be able to shun away the thought of fiddling around with it and turning the heat up to 11. But going that way in a Ferrari is not going to be cheap.

Then there’s all the carbon fiber to account for. There’s carbon fiber on the front lip, at the bottom of the windshield, on the mirrors, the side skirts, the door handles, the rear wing, the rearview camera. Carbon fiber everything! And that does not come cheap. But then again, if you’ve already spent the Queen’s ransom buying it, you might as well up the ante to and make it even more unique than it already was.

The F8 Tributo comes with a healthy dose of 529kW (710 hp) from the factory, thanks to a twin-turbocharged, 3.9-liter V8 unit, part of the Ferrari F154 family, initially launched in 2013. But Novitec figures that a Stage 2 Performance Package will fit right in, and now you can enjoy 596kW (800 hp) and close to 900 Nm (664 lb-ft) of torque. Sure, a new exhaust system was also in order, and thank God they’ve used a valve system on it.

We say that because this thing will hit a whopping 123 dB under heavy throttle input, which is just about as noisy as an airplane taking off right next to you. To put that in perspective, the new generation of V6 engines used in F1 have an output of around 128 dB! Overall, the reviewer, Bijon de Kock, looks extremely excited and happy to be driving the car, which seems to be bringing out the inner child (read idiot) in him.

The video is part of the Supercar Diaries series Novitec has launched last year, and brings a good mix of driving and static presentations of the vehicle. With the tires not getting enough heat and with some moisture still left on the tarmac, the car does slide around quite often, even without aggressive throttle input, and we’re left craving to see how it would actually perform around a racetrack.

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