Hennessey Velociraptor Ford F-150 6×6

Sadly, there are no Velociraptors in Europe, and we’re not talking about dinosaur fossils here. But Hennessey’s extreme 6×6 conversion for the F-150 sports truck is still one of the most extreme Fords ever built, so famed car YouTuber Shmee150 just had to fly to America and test drive one.

The particular beast in this video is the biggest vehicle in the Ikonick Collection, which is located in Miami, Florida. We’ve seen plenty of reviews for this truck ever since it came out, but Shmee’s video is a reminder of just how big this is.

The YouTuber has been a part of the car spotting collection since the beginning and has amassed many exotics of his own. However, he’s never owned anything like this, probably because it wouldn’t fit in the garage. A couple of years ago, he did buy a Mercedes-AMG G63, which is the closest in terms of height, but the Velociraptor’s six-wheeled layout echoes that of the G63 6×6.

The customizing team at Hennessey significantly increased the size of the chassis to make room for an extra axle. Shmee150 says the mirrors are level with his head while the bed is large enough for a classic Mini. “As is expected with anything from Texas, everything about the Velociraptors 6×6 is bigger,” he notes.

Besides the G63, he finds a parallel with another one of his cars, as the powertrain in the Raptor is similar to the one in his Ford GT supercar. Normally, this would make 450 hp, but along with the extra wheels, this predatory animal also boasts an extra 150 ponies of power. So even though this weighs as much as a couple of bison, it will hit 60 mph in 5 seconds.

Besides the dimensions, another thing that impressed him is the exhaust system. But honestly, it’s just loud, not pleasant. Pretty soon, a new Raptor will be out, and that’s rumored to have a V8 option. Let’s hope Hennessey decided to add an axle to that as well.

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