Here’s What the Mercedes G-Class Looks Like With BMW and Audi Front End Designs

As of December of 2020, overall G-Class production reached the 400,000-unit milestone, so to call this model popular would be kind of an understatement. The G-Class also happens to be Mercedes’ second longest-produced vehicle, spanning 41 years.

Originally, it was developed as a military vehicle before civilians got a chance to sample it. Honestly, there’s so much history here, it’s almost sacrilegious to suggest that someone other than Mercedes and Magna Steyr could have pulled this off.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun thinking about what the G-Class might look like under different circumstances. That is exactly what StrukovArt28 did by dropping BMW and Audi designs on the G’s front fascia.

The BMW nose curiously sort of works, don’t you think? That large grille that some might have found out of place even on the X7 fits rather well on the G-Class thanks to its massive proportions and boxy design elements. The light units, meanwhile, really do come off as a pair of eyes, giving the German SUV a more aggressive stance.

So, while you might say that the BMW grille isn’t particularly out of place on the G-Wagen’s nose, the Audi design looks a bit too modern considering the vehicle’s overall utilitarian aesthetic. Here, you could argue that it’s the headlights that appear decently integrated into the fascia, while the grille needs to go back to something with a Q in its name.

Thankfully, nobody is going to mess up the G-Class’ looks any time soon. Its styling and purpose have both remained largely the same over generations.

As for any actual changes outside of nips and tucks, if you look at early G-Class models, you’ll notice that the headlights and grille are both level in terms of depth, and the more we advance towards current times, we see how the grille got pushed forward ever so slightly. In other words, it’s a little less boxy nowadays.

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