Unintended Icy Slide Makes Ford F-150 Owner Seem Like a Totally Badass Drifter

The situation was unintended, of course. It turns out the city of Franklin has been treated to enough ice to make something as simple as backing out at very low speed from the driveway a virtually impossible driving maneuver.

Naturally, this particular Ford F-150 owner wasn’t exactly paying attention to what happened to the tarmac (which turned into a skating rink) and learned it the hard way.

As far as we can see from the home security footage, immediately after the F-150 driver backs out of the driveway, the situation takes a turn towards an impending disaster, or at least a spectacular fender-bender.

Escaping without a single scratch is certainly cause for both celebration and careful pondering that maybe next time drivers should be a bit more mindful of road conditions. Not everyone might be so blessed with such huge luck as this Ford owner.

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