New F9 Tarzan Clip Shows How Ridiculous Fast and Furious Keeps Getting

If you happen to be living in China, then there’s a chance you already got a taste of the new Fast and Furious installment. If you’re an American or South African like we are, you are still waiting to see the damn thing on the big screen. The 25th of June is the date that we are looking forward to or should we?
With all that’s been going on recently in the Fast universe, we’re not sure how many of you remember how it all started. Here’s a quick recap.

Back in 1998, VIBE magazine’s Kenneth Li wrote something called Racer X. It described the illegal racing movement and groups doing their thing in New York, generally using Japanese-made cars.

It inspired the first Fast and Furious movie, the one from way back in 2001 that featured characters everyone could relate to, but more importantly cars pretty much all of us knew and loved: Dodge Charger, Mitsubishi Eclipse or Toyota Supra.

The second one was along the same lines, and to some extent so was the almost Diesel-free Tokyo Drift, the third instalment. And then the fourth movie came along and everything start falling apart.

Whereas up until that point the people and cars in the movies all did things they would be perfectly capable of doing in real life, we slowly started getting things like spies and secret agents, tanks, submarines, and airplanes, and increasingly unnatural, unbelievable and most of the time ridiculous stunts like cars flying from one building to another.

But if you thought you’ve seen it all, think again. The 9th brings with it even more outlandish things, like rocket cars doing some actual flying, kind of like Virgin’s VSS Unity is doing, trips to space, but unlike anything any Tesla has done before and, yes, the cherry on the cake, a car swinging by a cable over a cliff, Tarzan-style, because there was no other way to get across.

As a side note, we’ve seen part of this stunt before, during the many trailers already online, but this one has the full scene (and some extras). See it and (don’t) believe it for yourselves in the clip attached below.

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