Next-Generation Nissan GT-R Shows Mid-Engined Look in Quick Rendering

These days, rendering artists leave no pixel unturned portraying all sorts of contraptions, so the idea of a digital work showcasing a mid-engined Nissan GT-R, which is precisely what we have here, might not seem all that crazy. Come to think of it, the possibility is real even when discussing the real-world machine.
While Nissan is currently busy preparing the eagerly anticipated introduction of the seventh-generation Z car, which is set to take place on the 17th of August in New York, the automotive producer had previously assured Godzilla would also enjoy a successor. As for what that future holds, it’s anybody’s guess at this point.

Nevertheless, with the current GT-R having gone from the supercar hunter we met back in 2007 to a supercar-priced machine, it wouldn’t surprise us to see yet another upmarket step—just like the R35 left the Skyline family behind, the newcomer could be built with a midship configuration.

In fact, the rendering we have here obviously relies on another machine that made an upmarket leap from one generation to the other, namely the Ford GT.

And we’ll thank digital label carlifestyle for the image, which brings us just enough details to be able to imagine how the styling identity of the JDM beast would be transformed in the midship context. For one, if we take a look at the posterior, we’ll recognize the light clusters of the styled-by-Italidesign Nissan GT-50 incarnation.

Sure, the Japanese automotive producer could always follow the Blue Oval’s example and, as hinted above, continue to boost the price of the GT-R.

But, as the C8 Chevrolet Corvette has proven, a mid-engined configuration doesn’t necessarily have to involve breaking the bank to compete with Italian exotics.

Regardless, while the upcoming Z car should be animated by a twin-turbo V6 with 298kW (400 hp), the next GT-R could add some serious horsepower to the game by employing hybrid technology, especially since we live in the electrification era.

So, if Nissan does decide to relocate the internal combustion engine of the GT-R and add electric motors to the game, we’re expecting an awesome effort

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