Modern Chevrolet Camaro RS SS Shows Sleek Widebody in Muscle Rendering

Oh, if only we had known back in the days of the previous-generation Chevrolet Camaro that the future of the badge would be uncertain in the final years of the Gen VI—some preparation on Chevy’s side, especially in terms of the design, wouldn’t have hurt, but all we can do now is hope GM has serious plans for a seventh iteration and, if so, these aren’t solely related to batteries. Speaking of styling and the Gen V Camaro, the digital build parked on our screens looks back to a merrier time, reminding us of the 1969 ‘Maro.
The said model year marked the first major revamp of the muscle car and, if we look at the slim LED front lights of the rendered model, which seem to continue to lines of the massive grille, the hidden headlights of the ’69 Camaro RS come to mind.

Unlike in the case of the Gen V model, where the RS badge brought V6 motivation, while the SS moniker added a pair of cylinders for proper muscle, back in the days of the first-gen car, you could have both on the same car, with many customers mixing them for reasons that will soon become obvious.

You see, the RS was an appearance package involving the said headlight trick and other such goodies, and the SS performance pack added 350 ci (5.7L) or 396 ci (6.5L) motivation, along with suspension upgrades to help the vehicle deal with the extra power.

As shown by the two letters adorning the grille of this virtual Chevy Camaro, this is an SS model—we didn’t expect anything less than a V8 for such a proposal—and yet the said RS legacy inspired us to come up with the designation in the title.

The widebody kit adorning the machine is restrained, at least by contemporary standards and this is because the general idea was to give this Chevy a mean aero transformation that would remain in the same league as the factory look.

“I wanted a clean, OEM look and feel, styling oriented design, with small hints of aero, and yeah, simplicity is a pain, haha,” digital artist Mares Narcis George (a.k.a. spoon334) explains in the Instagram post below.

Then again, if we zoom in on certain pieces, such as the rear diffuser, their level of aggression seems closer to what Chevy offered on the sixth-gen Camaro (i.e., the 1LE package that turned the muscle car into a Nurburgring master).

Now, you can choose between the conspicuous grey-on-black look seen in the intro photo and a yellow finish— as the artist appears to point out, the latter makes for a guaranteed way to start a conversation with Bumblebee fans.

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