The Land Cruiser J300 Gets Dressed With a Widebody Kit, Because It Can

Ever since the veil fell on the highly-spotted, ultra-leaked, and often-rumored J300 iteration of the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser, attention jumped from what happens in reality to what may or may not come across the imagination land. Some ideas were better, some suggestions were crazy, and some are even useless… at least from one standpoint. The one that relates to iconic off-road capabilities.
We have seen the 2022 Land Cruiser in a lot of unofficial poses as soon as the J300 iteration went live. As such, the legendary SUV impersonated an odd GR Supra-Land Cruiser combination that gave us Star Wars Stormtrooper-like chills. That was definitely nuts, and impossible to achieve in real life.

But then we got a little green with envy over the virtual TRD Pro makeover that not only made us lust for a rock-crawling adventure but even deployed the cool Lunar Rock shade on the beefed-up Land Cruiser. That’s something that improved upon the original, and it’s not that hard to put into production if only the top brass wasn’t so uptight.

Now the problem is that pixel masters can also go the polar opposite and give the Land Cruiser something achievable in the real world, but not entirely wanted by the SUV’s aficionados. Still, even Toyota has given some thought to the idea of getting sporty attire on top of the J300 body, if we are to judge the recent Modellista aero kit.

So, from there and to a fully-fledged widebody kit is just one tiny step. One that was just made by the virtual artist behind the m99dxb account on social media. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, although we’re not exactly thrilled about the idea, we’d prefer to render final judgment once the artist hopefully comes up with a new post that would share more details about this kit… as well as a front-end look with the new attire on.

In the meantime, we have to say that we’ve seen better CGI work on having the Land Cruiser ready for some tarmac shenanigans, hence we’ve also embedded a second post from Hamid Davoodi (aka on social media for a quick comparison.

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