Tuned Bentley Continental GT Convertible Is Proof that Mansory knows no bounds

Mansory has been on a roll recently and they have now unveiled a totally different project, which is more suitable for intercontinental drives.
The Bentley Continental GT Convertible in question may look almost stock, which is rather surprising. However, once you’ve zoomed in on the pics, you will see that it doesn’t look like the usual Grand Tourers made by the British auto firm.

A custom foil wrapping, or at least that’s what we hope that is and not a ‘bespoke’ paint job, covers certain part of the exterior. It can be seen on the hood, apron, side air intake surrounds, and rear diffuser.

In case you missed it, here it is: the front skirt, complete with side blades, side air intake surrounds, and rear diffuser were signed by Mansory, who also did the quad tailpipes. The tuner’s logos have replaced the Bentley badges, and a custom set of 22-inch wheels, in black, just like the rest of the car, has retired the original set.

The treadplates sport the same custom look as the hood and other parts, and they also bear Mansory’s branding. The tuner has also reinterpreted the steering wheel, giving it a flat-bottom design and making it a bit chunkier for better grabbing.

Their logo can be seen in the middle of it and on the floor mats as well, but as far as we can tell from the pics shared on social media earlier this week, the rest of the cockpit seems to have remained untouched. It combines fine brown leather upholstery with glossy black accents and shiny metal trim, and boasts the usual tech and comfort gear found in the third-gen Continental family.

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